Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad day!

So yesterday wasn't the greatest day for me. It all started when I got an email from Etsy saying they removed one of my Character Clippie listings based on Etsy's Copyright and Intellectual Property Policys. Oops!!! I'm still new to all of this business stuff and just didn't think when I posted it. I can't sale a clippie with a copyrighted image. What was I thinking? At least I didn't get fined or sued or something!

Then I received another email from the winner of my 200 fan giveaway saying that the clippie she received arrived damaged. WHAT??? By this time I was really getting down on myself. I'm really glad that she let me know but at the same time I was dissapointed that I had no control over it. I thought I had packaged it well but I guess it was damaged in transit. You tell me... (temperature? humidity?)

Before shipping:

After shipping:

I was so upset that I wrapped up my night and went to bed. I awoke this morning with a new light on the matter. I'm now telling myself to use all of this as a learning experience and to keep my head up... Everyone makes mistakes right? No big deal... I am sending out a replacement clippie and will be research my shipping methods to keep this from happening again. I also will only make Character Clippies with generic images on them. No more copyright infringement for me!


  1. Oh man BUMMER! What shipping do you use? Hope the rest of your week goes well! Keep your head up, your stuff is so cute!


  2. Thanks Bry. I used USPS First Class. She says it looks like water damage but I used a bubble envelope and packaged it well. Who knows...
    Thanks for the kind words and compliment! I really enjoy what I do and will keep trudging through the mud. Eventually it will pay off, right?


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