Friday, April 22, 2011

Anyone who knows me can tell you...

I LOVE TO SCRAPBOOK! I am actually starting to feel withdraws since it's been so long since I've done it. I've immersed myself into DoodleBoop Designs so much lately...

When I scrapbook I tend to zone out and really enjoy the peaceful feeling I get. I like looking at the pictures and letting them speak to me and sometimes I'll look online and find a layout I like and let it tell me what pictures to use.

Anyways, I feel like scrapbooking tonight. I have too many pictures of my little one and time is flying by. I need to get them organized and in her books.

I also want to make a portfolio with the new scrapbook I made using cardboard and decorative paper, a little ribbon and some miscelaneous stuff I had lying around! I started this a while back:

It's roughly 10.5"x7" and has a rustic feel. I sanded the paper lightly to give it some texture. I didn't worry too much about the edges being perfect! The washers attached to the ribbon binding give a unique embellishment! I have 6 pages of yummy space to fill with beautiful pictures of my Etsy listings and pretty flowers, stickers, buttons and other knick-nacks! I guess I'll have to let you all see the finished project when I'm done!

Well what am I waiting for? Off to SCRAPBOOK! ♥

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