Sunday, March 27, 2011

International shipping and new items to come

I have decided, in order to try to bring in new business to my Etsy shop, I am soon going to set up international shipping. I know it's a little more expensive to ship things worldwide but I am anxious to make more sales and what better way than to reach buyers all over the planet! There are also a lot of rules and regulations on what can be mailed where. I'm going to do some extensive research and get this set up as soon as possible.

I have been very busy lately helping my In-Laws take care of my Grandmother-In-Law since she had her stroke recently. But I have a TON more items to add to the Etsy shop such as Clippie Strips and Crocheted goodies! So be on the lookout as I hope to get those posted soon!

Thank you for everyones continued support and for being a fan!
♥ you guys!!!

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