Monday, March 14, 2011

$1 Clippies being added to Etsy!

I am adding $1 clippies to the site in hopes of pursuading someone to make that first purchase! I have so much more stuff to load and took a little break over the weekend. I'm back at it this week and hope to get the majority of my items up by the end of the week. Then I will devote a lot of time for marketing and promotions! I'm really excited and can't wait to get this business off the ground!



  1. wahooo!

    So I added your link to my blog *yes* and I am going to be doing a FEATURE soon, hopefully this week and I am going to be including YOU, if that is cool with yah. I always like to ask permission first, just in case. :)


  2. Sweet!!! Thanks Bry! I'm really excited and can't wait to see what you say about me in your feature!


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